Locker is a specialized server configured for Small and Medium Enterprises. We understand that SME has a tight budget to improve on company infrastructure, because priority is given to sales generating department. While enterprise server that easily cost above 10 grand would be a luxury to have; often they have no choice but to compromise on management productivity and efficiency by using NAS. In fact, is your money well spent on enterprise server that gives you high processing power but also with high energy consumption (i.e. bills), while your usage of data storage and auto-backup would only utilize 10% of its capability? Or your decision to bear with a NAS which has misleading backup file restore function, claimed to have incremental backup but is actually a batch backup(i.e. weekly full backup for every single file in server despite 90% of files were not modified for the past 6 months, storage space wasted due to redundant backups), key issue here is NAS normally equipped with low powered processor that cannot handle true incremental backup and facing deteriorating speed when more data being stored. Locker is the best solution no matter your company has 2 or 50 concurrent users, always strive to make your investment worth-while and aligned to company scalability.

It remembers yesterday, better than you do.


Accidentally deleted a file or forgot the changes you have made? It has got you covered. With an incremental backup of every 10 minutes, every changes you have made is remembered by the server.

Your environment, our responsibility.

A low power processor, 2 energy efficient hard disk and up to 32GB of RAM. Taking up just half the size of a desktop CPU, File Recall ensures that no extra space is wasted.

Need for speed.

With two gigabit network port, It can deliver up to 2000Mbps of networking bandwidth; so you don’t have to worry about slow connection.

Travelling around the world?

Need to work with your colleagues while overseas? Access Anywhere allows you to connect to this server as long as you have access to the Internet; giving you the power to work from anywhere in the world.

Not sure how to setup?

Our technical experts will advice you on the best place to position it; setup the system for you and link all your computers to this server at no extra charge.

Have your own IT department?


Your server will be monitored by system specialist and advance software around the clock to ensure minimum downtime. Just like all servers, it requires maintenance; but at no cost. Maintenance will be done by our specialist once a week throughout the lifetime of your server. It’s like having your own IT department.