Being an accounting “solution” provider, we knew that customers are much more demanding in adopting their first software or converting from existing software that could not satisfy their business direction/requirement. They want something NOT ONLY can fulfill their requirements, yet let their customers feel that they are riding on technology wave and not outdated with gadget or innovative IT solutions in business management or what their salesman is using. A typical scenario would be, a salesman using a 500 bucks company owned 8-inches Windows 10 Tab to update DO or issue INVOICE to lock the deal on the spot. These are some of the popular questions being asked by customers who wants to make their business better BECAUSE MARKET IS REALLY BAD! They need to change but don’t have much money to spend :


Q : How long do you take to setup the software that I can start working with it?
A : One minute.


Q : Nowadays PC is not as durable as last time, if my computer spoil, how? If it’s on warranty, I need to wait for next day or more for technician to come and fix it, would you provide me with spare computer or I can just buy a 500 bucks 8-inches Windows 10 Tab to continue working while waiting? Otherwise, my staff tells me she cannot work for few days yet I still need to pay for full salary.
A : WhizIT doesn’t require installation, straightaway you can insert it to another tab and continue working.


Q : My company has specific way of working and we are used to the ‘system’ and comfortable with it , I don’t have budget to spend big bucks on ERP, but I don’t mind spending a bit on software so that it can be customized to FIT my company’s style, instead of my company has to fit with the software.
A : Why not?


Q : I have at least 100 invoices to be issued everyday, and also similar number of receipts for settlement as you can expect, you sure that your software can handle? because I tried different software and they become very slow after 1 month, and don’t talk about 1 year of data.
A : Yes, we do have heavy usage customer.


Q : I’m planning to open another branch at KL/Singapore, every software can support real-time account with LAN in an office, but can your software work with 20 staffs at 3 different branches but they can issue invoices from my HQ realtime? And if your software is good, I am ok to customized or purchase an off-the-shelf HR and CRM software, can they be integrated together? And I also want it to be able to integrate to my supply chain and other old system, can your software does that?
A : Yes, WhizIT allow remote connection and we perform customization for customers with specific need.


Q : I like the idea of cloud so that I can access anywhere, but internet is so unstable, can your software let me use it wherever I want, even without internet access? And if I forgot to bring laptop, I can borrow my customers PC to use it, of course they won’t allow me to install the software inside because that is not my computer.
A : WhizIT’s plug and play feature is the best fit for this requirement.